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October 28, 2017, at 2:00 pm

October 28, 2017, at 5:00 pm

Park Avenue Chamber Symphony

Halloween from the InsideOut
Saint-Saëns |
 Dance Macabre
Berlioz | Symphonie Fantastique


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Beethoven Symphony No. 9 / David Bernard / Park Avenue Chamber Symphony

July 17, 2017

Beethoven Symphony No. 9

David Bernard leading the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony with Kristin Sampson, Soprano, Edith Dowd, Alto, Cameron Schutza, Tenor, Brian Kontes, Bass, The New Amsterdam Singers, Clara Longstreth, Music Director, The West Point Glee Club, Constance Chase, Music Director, The Young New Yorkers' Chorus,
Michael Kerschner, Artistic Director

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CD REVIEW: Beethoven Symphony No. 9: Park Avenue Chamber Symphony conducted by David Bernard (++++) / TransCentury-INFODAD

David Bernard offers some fine touches in the work. The shimmering opening of the first movement…is a highlight; the smooth flow of the fairly quickly paced third movement is another. The sound on the Recursive Classics release is quite fine, capturing the many nuances of Bernard’s attentive reading–an insightful as […]

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David Bernard
David BernardOctober 19th, 2017 at 8:28am
I simply could not understand how it was possible for musicians onstage to be so obsessed with Classical Music as a life-long persuit, while at the same time the general public could be so indifferent. Then it dawned on me. If we want to develop new audiences with a genuine interest in Classical Music--and not simply interest in crossover concerts or orchestras accompanying film screenings--we have to let them in to experience the music the same way musicians do. This was the begining of a new concert format I call InsideOut, giving the audience the experience of sitting with the musicians in a traditional orchestra setup for complete performances of major works.

I tested this concept with both adult and family audiences with two orchestras, and the results were astounding. The children were completely captivated, and emerged from the experience wanting to start instruments and play in an orchestra. The adults, many of whom were first time concert goers, were astounded. Regular concert goers experienced a level of engagement with the music they have never felt before with their streaming or even sitting so far away in a traditional live concert audience. New concert goers came for the cool experience, entering the room not particularly interested in attending live concerts, and leaving the room wanting more.

Both audiences were completely captivated, experiencing not only hearing the music, but also seeing and feeling the music making unfolding in real time around them. While other performing arts have kept pace with the need to make audience experiences more compelling to remain viable in today's world, Classical Music has lagged far behind. With InsideOut, we can heighten this experience directly through the music--without gimmicks. And as a result, truly build new authentic classical music audiences.

On October 28th, I'll be giving an InsideOut concert with the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony celebrating Halloween with the music of Berlioz and Saint Saens. Below is more information about these events, and I hope to see you IN the orchestra on October 28th.


Sitting within a full symphony orchestra, enjoy a wickedly enjoyable celebration of Halloween. Saint-Saëns’ hauntingly evocative Danse Macabre, featuring a devilish violin and a spine-tingling skeleton xylophone, is the perfect way to set the Halloween mood. You will then be taken on a wild ride through an eerie and magical place with cauldrons and witches depicted in Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. Experiencing these works from inside the orchestra will transport you deep inside a mysterious world of dark magic and mysticism with incredible clarity and presence.

2PM FOR FAMILIES with children under 13 accompanied by adult chaperones is geared towards children and their care­givers. This experience introduces classical music making to children using a selection of move­ments of symphonies and other works. It is designed to build enthusi­asm in classical music, inspiring children to take up instruments and join an ensemble.

5PM FOR ADULTS, SENIORS AND OLDER STUDENTS brings a full program, giving audience members sitting within the orchestra a unique and immersive view of the music making process. This experi­ence is revelatory to those new to classical music and to experienced concert goers alike. The incredibly engaging musicmak­ing process unfolding in real time, com­bined with the level of detail seen, heard and felt through the immersive experience of InsideOut is unforgettable for everyone.

These InsideOut concerts are extremely popular and will sell out in advance. Tickets are not available at the door, and are only available online. Tickets are available online here:


David Bernard
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