The Park Avenue Chamber Symphony as their name suggests is not the sizable romantic outfit that might be expected to perform the “Pathetique.” There are less strings to be heard, yet the sweep of affect in those instruments are still to be heard and properly so. What seems especially good about such a reading is the more out front mix of strings and winds-brass, with the latter becoming a bit more central to key passages.

Snappy crispness and lush, sad fogs come through nicely. And some of the soggy bloat of the large orchestra in some of the less stellar performances is avoided completely.

What we get is perhaps a version for our times, no less affective but perhaps less fully drenched in emotive despair. I find it convincing. It has its very own elan and can be enjoyed alongside the more string-centric performances to give refreshment and to allow a re-experience of the music’s profound lifeway presence. So check this one out by all means.

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